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How to Start Your Own Printables Business

If you’re an online marketer like me, you already know the value of a passive income stream. One of the easiest ways to monetize a blog or YouTube channel is to create printables that you can sell to your subscribers. These print-on-demand digital downloads solve readers’ problems and are a great way to supplement your online income. Here, you will learn how to start a printables business.

What Are Printables?

Digital products or printables are something that customers buy and download, use, and print. These products include:

…and a lot more. If you can print and download it, it’s a printable. The most successful printables fulfill customers’ needs and help them resolve their problems.

Why is the Printables Business So Great?

PLR planners and other low content PLR items are an easy way to generate passive income. Simply create a form, upload it to your store or site, price it, and market it to your customers. When a buyer finds the printables they want, they purchase, download, and print them. It’s that simple!

Running a printables business is easy because there’s no overhead to consider and no inventory to keep. If you’re looking for an easy money-maker, printables are the way to go.

How to Make Popular Printables

There are numerous platforms sellers use to create products, such as:

Any of the above platforms will help you create printables and modify printable and digital PLR offerings to suit your needs.

When designing printables, be sure to check for typographical errors. After all, no one likes to buy something that’s riddled with punctuation, spelling, and grammatical mistakes! Don’t copy others’ ideas and remember to save your printables as PDFs. The best printables are colorful, easy to download, and solve readers’ problems.

Selling Printables

There are quite a few options to sell printables online, and the method you choose will depend on your knowledge of the industry, your budget, and the look you’re after. Site plug-ins, connected storefronts, and third-party platforms are all great choices.

  • Plug-ins are popular among bloggers who want to sell their products in a storefront. They’re not the most user-friendly option, simply because they often require multiple add-ons to function well. Not only will plug-ins slow down your site, but they can also create security issues.
  • Connected storefronts are another way to sell the best printables courses. Storefronts like Shopify allow users to customize their stores to suit their needs and branding preferences.
  • Third-party providers like Etsy host everything on their sites, with no connection to yours. Rather than creating a domain, you create an account. From there, you pay a monthly fee, and you get links that can be used on your site. When buyers click those links, they’re directed to the Etsy store where the purchase is completed.

Of all the aspects of starting a printables business, pricing is one of the most difficult. It requires constant testing, but you’ll eventually find a “sweet spot” that lets you turn a profit but won’t turn customers away.

Your Ultimate Business Start-up Checklist: Setting You Up for Success!

Hey aspiring entrepreneurs, ready to dive into the exciting world of business? We’ve crafted the perfect Business Start-up Checklist to guide you through every step of this thrilling journey. Let’s break it down into actionable and friendly advice:

1. Idea Brilliance:

  • Validate your business idea. Is there a demand? Are you passionate about it? Check and check!

2. Market Magic:

  • Define your target audience and niche.
  • Research your competition and find your unique selling proposition.

3. Legal Eagle:

  • Choose a business structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.).
  • Register your business name and acquire necessary licenses.

4. Budget Buddy:

  • Create a detailed budget covering startup costs and initial expenses.
  • Consider financial resources, whether personal savings, loans, or investors.

5. Online Presence:

  • Secure a domain name for your website.
  • Set up social media profiles relevant to your business.

6. Tech Essentials:

  • Build a user-friendly website. Platforms like WordPress or Shopify can be great starting points.
  • Set up professional email accounts for a polished image.

7. Brand Swagger:

  • Design a standout logo and choose a consistent color scheme.
  • Craft a compelling brand story that resonates with your audience.

8. Networking Ninja:

  • Attend industry events and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Join online forums and groups relevant to your business.

9. Launchpad Countdown:

  • Plan a strategic launch. Build anticipation through teasers and sneak peeks.
  • Consider promotions or exclusive offers to celebrate your grand opening.

10. Customer Love:

  • Develop excellent customer service practices.
  • Collect feedback and continuously improve based on customer experiences.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! This checklist is your roadmap. Print it out, tick off each milestone, and watch your business flourish. Here’s to your success!

In Conclusion

Bloggers and online marketers often make five figures and more by selling printables and digital PLR products. While that’s not true for everyone, it’s possible to grow a massive following and generate a steady stream of passive income. Creating products or using free PLR digital products is just the first step. You’ll still have to market those products in unique ways, so the right customers will find and buy them.